[news] Lee Hongki, Colours His Hair At The Broadcast Station?

FT Island’s Lee Hongki coloured his hair at MBC Music Core’s waiting room. Artistes would usually go to salons to have their hair styled or coloured but due to his packed schedule, he had no choice but to do it at the waiting room.

Coming back with the title song “Barae“, Lee Hongki’s bright orange hair image attracted lots of attention. As the hair colouring fades off easily, he had to re-colour his hair numerous times. He chose to do it at the waiting room as he had no time to go to the salon due to his busy schedule.

After colouring his hair, he used the shower room at the broadcast station. As what his hair stylist mentioned, if he washes his hair at the front, his face would get stained by the hair dye. So, with the help of his manager, he managed to wash his hair while sitting on a foldable chair. His neck was painful and he almost got himself all wet.

Lee Hongki also mentioned that it was embarrassing when other artistes saw him while on his way to the shower room. “I must have looked funny in that state and it was even more embarrassing that others saw it,” he continued, “But then again, since our busy schedule is due to the fact that many people are supporting our 3rd album, it’s a good thing too.”

Meanwhile, sales for FT Island’s new album are consistent and it’s still ranked within the top 3 positions in many digital music charts. Despite the many female groups in the current music scene, they are doing very well as one of the few male groups around right now.

Credits: Newsen + ying1005 @ primanoona (translation)

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  1. kamai says:

    it must have been hard to do that oftenly

  2. Anonymous says:

    kekeke hong ki is so funnie ♥

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