[NEWS] 2AM Jo Kwon reveals running away from home

On SBS's "Star Junior Show" summer special, 'In-uh-Bbang Change,' broadcasted on August 22, Jokwon participated with his mother. Jokwon gained attention when he shared how he was a troublemaker when he was a student and that he ran away from home.

Jokwon stated, "In middle school the friends I hung out with were big troublemakers" and that "One of those friends ran away from home and seduced me to leave as well". Jokwon shocked people as he continued, "I just happened to go home late that day and my mother had told me to leave.

Impulsively leaving, Jokwon slept at an empty apartment room at a construction site. Then, Jokwon's mother's pleading voice was heard.

Jokwon spoke in his mother's voice, "Kwon, if you come home, mom wil do everything for you" and made the others laugh.

haha, i think kwon is hilarious, he still is a trouble maker now (:

credits to newsen and 2oneday

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