[news] 2NE1 hits up the Cyworld Digital Music Awards

Surprise, surprise! The girls snag another award.

2NE1 made an appearance at the 36th and 37th Cyworld Digital Music Awards. While there, the girls picked up the award for the 37th Song of the Month for their current hit “I Don’t Care”.

Also in attendance was Outsider, who won the award for the 36th Song of the Month with “Alone“. 4minute and Supreme Team also showed up, winning the 36th and 37th Rookie of the Month awards, respectively.

I’m happy for the girls, but I just don’t understand Park Bom’s outfit. I mean really, what do her stylists have against pants? Although I have to admit, this is one of her prettier ensembles.

Check out the girls’ performances~

skn3524 for the videos!

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