[news] Wondergirls are mad at 2PM??

Uh oh, looks like there’s some sibling rivalry. Is Papa JYP going to have to intervene?

The Wondergirls recently spoke with Chosun News and it seems they had a bone to pick with their beastly hoo-baes. In the interview, the girls mention that 2PM gets lots of attention from JYP Entertainment’s Korean staff. Meanwhile, the girls, who are currently touring the US, aren’t even getting phone calls anymore.

If that wasn’t enough, the girls seemed pretty peeved at the boys’ thoughtlessness. According to them, when 2AM debuted, the boys gave the Wondergirls a signed copy of their album. 2PM has yet to offer up the same courtesy (not very nice boys).

Oh, and in case you’re taking any of this seriously, rest assured, there’s not really any beef between the groups. The girls laugh it off in the end. They were just joking!

By the way, aren’t the girls so much more lively and entertaining when they’re speaking in their native Korean? It’s nice to see them not so stiff and actually joking around for a change.

Check out the rest of the interview here~

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