[news] 4 Minute "Girl Group whose members all born in 90s" was then replied with Yoo Hwi Chul, "I was in college when I was in my 90s

Minute revealed their secret that distinguishes themselves apart from the incoming of girl groups.

On July 31st, KBS 2TV Broadcast "Yoo Hwi Chul's Sketchbook" was holding the summertime special. And this time, they even have standing stage. 4 Minute 'Hot Issue' made the guys audience cheering enthusiastically and they were well-received.

MC Yoo Hwi Chul commented 4 Minute's performance, "Really great". This girl group has certainly rising in popularity in the music industry.

When they were asked what things set them apart from other girl groups, "The first one is our unusual greetings." They showed 4 fingers and uniquely said 'We are 4 Minute~'. The next, they confidently said that they will show the power of a 90s only girl group, and that with them being young, it makes them able to do everything hardworkingly. MC Yoo Hwi Chul then replied, "I was in the college in the 90s." which caused laughter among the audience.

4 Minute also says, "We are learning a lot when we monitor the stage of SNSD and 2NE1". 4 Minute calls SNSD and 2NE1 'Sunbaenim' (T/N : Senior) and Yoo Hwi Chul was surprised and said, "Those girls are already seniors?" which made the audience laughed even harder.

Source : Newsen
Translations : kirra12 @ 4-minute.com

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