[news] Lee Hyori confessed “since I’m timid, a lot of money didn’t come back”

Singer Lee Hyori confessed that because she is timid, it’s difficult for her to reject anything related to money.

The KBS 2TV “Entertainment relay” aired on August 1st was on the set of a clothing pictorial shooting, Lee Hyori shared her secret on how she manages her body.

Lee Hyori said “in general 2 to 3 days before a photoshooting, I do a urgent diet. Controling what I eat and exercising are a must do. I only need to be a little more careful, my body is the type that changes immediately. It’s a body that is very good to an entertainer.”

Lee Hyori said also “I’m a little different from the cool image that I have on programs, in front of someone that I don’t know I don’t say much”, “talking about things that I regret doing because I’m too timid, I can’t say no if somebody asks me to lend him some money, that’s why a lot money didn’t come back”.
In addition, Lee Hyori said “I hope everyone will give a lot of love to my to be out 4th album “, amplificated the expectation the fans have for her new album.

Translation: startoxic | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

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