[news] SM Ent. Assigns Lawyer to Deal with Dong Bang Shin Ki Dispute Case

SM has revealed that they have assigned their own lawyer to deal with the case of 3 Dong Bang Shin Ki members’ lawsuit against them.

SM Entertainment’s group Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 3 member Hero JaeJoong, Xiah JunSu and Micky YooChun has went down to Seoul’s Central District Court on 31st July to apply for retractile of the exclusive belonging rights effects from their contract with SM Entertainment.

SM Entertainment said, “About this case, we have assigned our own lawyer to deal with it.”

Also, the 3 members have came out earlier today to reveal their stand on the case, “The reason of our discord with the company is the unjust contract conditions. We do not want disband.”

Meanwhile, a representative of one idol group said, “I’ve seen 1~2 of such cases of crises in idol groups. I hope that Dong Bang Shin Ki and the company will settle this dispute wisely and peacefully.” But another music industry expert said, “It is hard to narrow down the difference in views of the 2 sides in this case.”

Fans are hoping that good outcomes will result from this. Dong Bang Shin Ki fans are violently protesting to their disband.

Note: sookyeong didn't state where she got the article from, but I know that she's credible. She translates from news sites.

Source: sookyeong @ Wordpress K Bites

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