[News] 4Minute’s encouragement to WonderGirls, “Work hard in promotions and himnae”

Group 4Minute member HyunA is known to have sent her encouragement messages to group WonderGirls who are currently promoting in America.

It was written under her message for ‘Thanks To’ portion from 4Minute’s 1st minialbum ‘For Muzik’ released on 31st August. She wrote, “Best team WonderGirls, SunYe YeEun YooBin unnie and SunMi SoHee do take care of your health in America and I’ll support you.”

She also thanked other JYP singers who had encouraged her when she came back into the Kpop world. She wrote, “2PM oppas, more hwaiting in the future. 2AM SeulOng oppa. Even if I don’t say thank you, you will know right? ChangMin oppa, thank you for the vocal lessons despite you busy schedule.”

She also did not forget to thank her family, “Beloved mother and father, tired? Went through much? Even if I am born again, I want to be father and mother’s daugther. I really miss you and love you. Let’s live happily for a long long time.”

Meanwhile, a MV teaser to ‘Muzik’ by 4Minute was also released today.


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