[TRANS] 22.08 - 27.08 Sukira Transcripts

1. 090822 Leeteuk’s memories of former president

Leeteuk: When we just debuted and attended a children’s show, we got invited to perform at a presidential show with Miracle, since the promotions had just started. We left the stage thinking that it’s a pity to walk off like that, and if we gretted Mr Roh Moo-hyun, we would die without regrets. So we shouted, “Mr President!!”, he turned around leisurely and asked, “Is there anything”, and I shouted, “KIDS!” (or children, if you want to) and we practically flew there to his side, and the guards also rushed forward, but the president said, “Wait a minute”, and we took the chance to say, “Mr President, we are Super Juni~or!” He said, “What?” So we said “We are Super Junior!” again. He said, “Oh, I’ll remember it,”. After with his unfortunate events, we still remembered his words and kept them as precious memories. At that time, we really wanted to stand out and say some fair words for him, so I decided to mention this now. Today is a special day which makes me replay back that scene. (of them&the pres)

2. 090825 Yesung’s 26th Birthday

Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, have you texted the wrong person?
Eunhyuk: Uhm…… Didn’t you before?
Leeteuk: Yesung’s birthday, 24th August.
Eunhyuk: Uhm, our Yesung’s 26th birthday.
Leeteuk: We were on the way home after finishing the schedule at Ulsan, when Kangin suddenly said, “Hyung, let’s go play bowling!”,, and he called XXSD’s TY, “TY-ah, what are you doing? You’re alone? Then come out and play bowling with oppa.” And he called YE, “YE-ah, come play bowling with oppa.” But if we were really to go to the bowling centre, it wouldn’t hold us and futhermore, it’s close to 24 August’s midnight, so we called Yesung. Yesung said he having a birthday party with other members, so I hesitated whether to tell him that we’re going bowling, so I texted Kangin: “Should we bring Yesung along?”. But my head was full of Yesung so I accidently sent it to Yesung…… I waited very long for Kangin’s reply, to see that Yesung replied: “Hyung, yes?”
Eunhyuk: If you text Kangin… like: “Do we even need to bring Yesung along?” If you sent a message like this, you’re doomed.
Leeteuk: I was just asking, and I also gave him a present at the party. Anyways, wasn’t I great at bowling?
Eunhyuk: Not really, just average of normal men.
Leeteuk: I hit 196 points.
Eunhyuk: Just once.
Leeteuk: I usually aim for the head-pin, as the start must be good.
Eunhyuk: I hit 138 points the first time, as I was kind of numb at the beginning, and the rival team was really very lousy, so I didn’t concentrate that much.
Leeteuk: I thought that we would lose, since Kangin was totally using strength at the opposite team.
Eunhyuk: He claimed that he was perfectly fine physically, since he was so strong.
Leeteuk: The funniest thing is that when Kangin threw the bowling ball, he used so much strength that the ball came to our lane……
Eunhyuk: Yaya, too much force already.
Leeteuk: In conclusion, Eunhyuk and me played best at bowling.

If I’m not wrong, TY = Taeyeon of SNSD. But idk who is YE. :\
I’m not a pro at bowling, so some of the words I use may be wrong. T_T

3. 090826 Secret codes between members?

Leeteuk: Between the members, we like to joke about very thrilling things. So now, if any members text us that they changed number, we won’t believe him.
Eunhyuk: Yes, confirm will not bleieve.
Leeteuk: So now we have a kind of code.
Eunhyuk: We used to changed phone numbers because of prank calls, so if even if we really changed our phone numbers and inform everybody, they will think it’s another prank message and will not believe it.
Leeteuk: Once, Ryeowook recieved a “Member changed phone number” kind of message, and he really saved the number.
Eunhyuk: Yeap, and the person who texted him also said, “I don’t have any contacts in this phone, so could you please pass me all the other members’ phone numbers”. Only after Ryeowook passed him all other members’ phone numbers did he realised it was a prank…… That’s why our numbers were leaked out.
Leeteuk: Therefore, we always reply with, “Say the code”, and the person will reply us with the code.
Eunhyuk: Uhm, we’ll reply with our very own special traits or secrets between each other. All because of those pranks. (so they have to do this ‘code’ thing)

4. 090826 Heebum VS Champagne

Leeteuk: Yesterday, when I came home from radio, I saw one more cat other than Heebum in the dorm.
Eunhyuk: Two cats? How come?
Leeteuk: I thought is was the cat, Champagne, which XiaoHuiZi (I have totally no idea who this is) used to raised, but XiaoHuiZi gave it to her neighbour, so I thought it came in yesterday. I originally wanted to hug both of them (cats) enthusiastically, but they fought. I then heard that the cat was from our neighbour, which escaped when their door was open.

5. 090827 Performance in the dark

Leeteuk: Thinking back to our Happy promotional days…… At Daegu World. (Daegu World Universal Field? O_O)
Eunhyuk: Oh, sad memories.
Leeteuk: At the performance, the whole field’s lightings are off.
Eunhyuk: They have to give us light for us to perform. But there’s only one lamp on the side of the stage that night, because the staffs say that performing at the side of the stage will result in some audience being unable to watch the performance. So they moved us up to the center of the field.
Leeteuk: And they said to give us some light.
Eunhyuk: And we started the performance, and the music is also on.
Leeteuk: But we can’t see anything, thinking that it’s so ridiculous and messay.
Eunhyuk: We can’t even see ourselves, and the fans seemed to try to help, but we just can’t be seen.
Leeteuk: The camera only shot the main stage. And we were so worried after the performance, but the staffs were praising us……
Eunhyuk: We all ran out to the car to ride back home in a depressed mood.

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