[news] Bada gets accused of plagiarizing

Bada’s probably mad that her new title track, Mad, is accused of being plagiarized.

Apparently, some netizen has posted up on various portal sites that Bada’s new song, Mad, is a rip off of European artist Rozalla’s Everybodys Free. The netizen has pointed out that the part where Bada sing’s, “I’m so mad” just sounds too similar to Rozalla’s song where she sings “Everybodys free”.

Besides that 3 seconds, the rest doesn’t really sound similar in any way. Hmm, can climax and breathing technique be considered plagiarism too?

Listen for yourself, below. Plagiarized or over reaction?

Rozalla-Everybodys Free


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  1. Anonymous says:

    all of these netizens accusing artists of plagiarizing have too much free time on their hands... -_-;;

  2. Anonymous says:

    ya..tat true..y keep accusing artist for plagiarism? dun spread stupid rumours

  3. Anonymous says:

    The song has nothing similar with MAD. As much the singer's tone.

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