[news] Baek Jiyoung + 2PM Taecyeon, Exceptional Sexy Dance

Baek Jiyoung's mini-album will be selling in stores on the 13th, with the title song, "My Ear Candy". The plan is to feature Taecyeon in the music video, of course, but also in all of her music performances.

Baek Jiyoung and Taecyeon recorded SBS "Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate" on the 5th and performed "My Ear Candy". During the song, Taecyeon put his hand on Baek Jiyoung's waist and revealed a bold, sexy dance.

A representative from Baek Jiyoung's company said, "We needed a person to fit Baek Jiyoung's mature, but feminine charisma on stage" and "also someone to bring a manly charm and intense stage. Taecyeon seemed to be the best fit amongst fans, so we asked him to feature in the song".

On the other hand, Baek Jiyoung is planning to make her comeback performance on the 15th at MBC's "Show Music Core".

credits: 2oneday.com

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