[news] Big Bang Seungri’s Letter to VIP Fans

Hi, I’m Seungri.
It’s been a long time, right?
It has already been 3 years since Big Bang debuted.
Ah…since it’s the 3rd anniversary…I thought many people would want me to write, so I’m writing everyone a letter ^^
Since I understand the fans’ hearts well, I turned on my computer [to write this] the second the musical was over.
I am having a great time right now. I have the chance to perform songs and dances I like while I’m in “Shouting.”

But…Daesung, who was supposed to be in the musical with me, can’t be in it because of the accident…it’s very unfortunate and sad.
When I visited Daesung at the hospital before…he awkwardly welcomed me with “Seungri, you’re here…”
Seeing that made me feel better enough to perform well in the musical.
Just as everyone is predicting, Daesung will get better with his own strength and I think we’ll be able to see his bright face soon…if we did “Shouting” together…many people would have enjoyed that so it’s very unfortunate.
To be honest, after Japanese promotions, I haven’t seen other Big Bang members a lot…
When the hyungs* used to tease me and make fun of me…
I used to think really…why are they doing this to me?
Now that I haven’t seen them, life is boring…and a little sad…I miss them…and it feels strange [without them].
Jiyong hyung’s* busy preparing his solo album…
Ah…sometimes I think, I hope Big Bang gets back together again soon!
But every member is doing his own activities and putting in their best effort,
so when we get back together, I think we’ll be an even better Big Bang.
All our fans…Bangs…it seems like yesterday we said “just trust us and follow us,” but it’s already the 3rd anniversary?
Some fans got married…some noona* fans say they have kids…there seems to be a lot of changes.
Some fans say…ah, Big Bang is harder to see nowadays…they’ve changed…
But because of you fans, Big Bang receives lots of love…I think it’s because we’ve found a lot of places [to promote?] so don’t be too down ^^
But still…our YG family and Big Bang always thinks of how to please our fans’ eyes and ears…
So…look forward to the otps (i’m not sure about this translation…it says dae hyung duk bab (대형떡밥) if anyone knows the meaning of that; i looked it up on naver and it came up a lot with g-ri and other random couplings from groups, so i’m guessing it’s kind of like otp? anyone want to clarify?) and have a happy time while waiting.
We at least have the trust between us.
We like to prepare just as much as you believe in us. We don’t just prepare; we always try to go beyond your expectations.
So please support us more so our efforts soar even higher…
Never forget that we’re always thinking of our fans wherever we are
And…don’t think of this as “the hyungs* must be too shy to write letters; why does seungri the only one who writes??” Instead, think of this letter as me representing all of Big Bang~
Ah…it’s been such a long time since I’ve written, I like it…!
So, to all of our VIP fans who are on break or will soon go back to work/school, enjoy your vacation!
I recommend you watch Shouting too!
Now I must sleep…for a clear throat tomorrow!
And lastly…
GD’s 1st solo album…
it’s such a hit…ke ke
Very impressive…
Everyone let’s go!!!!! Fighting! ^^

*hyung: what males call other males older than them
*noona: what males call girls older than them

Translations: filmsession@LJ

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  1. Anonymous says:

    aww seungri is soo sweet! big bang hwaiting!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Aw, didnt expect seungri wrote letter to we fans. X3 x3 seungri! X3 bigbang! Wow, and thats such a long letter too. Kekeke!

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