[NEWS] CT Scan Results Shows Eye Bone Fractures, Big Bang DaeSung Will Need 8 Weeks of Treatment

After getting in a car accident on 11th August, it has been revealed that Big Bang DaeSung’s injuries are more serious as they were made out to be.

A representative said on 13th August, “The CT scan results came out on 12th August, the bone that encompasses the left eye is also fractured. This part will have to be treated when DaeSung undergoes surgery for his nose injuries.”

With that, the rep said, “With the diagnosis results out, we will have to extend the treatment period from 6 weeks to 8 weeks.” Before the precise diagnosis, DaeSung has already have 15 stitches for the injuries on his arm.

DaeSung is currently hospitalised at a hospital in Seoul.

Source: Sookyeong

surely hope he recovers fast~DaeSung fighting!!~^^

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    daesungie.. T.T
    we will all pray for you!

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