[News DBSk/THSK/TVXQ]Unidentified Associates Causing Misunderstandings, "Don't believe rumors about conflicts between the members."

TVXQ expresses their rage over 'slandering people'

Sejong, the law firm representing YoungWoong Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu and Micky Yoochun, stated on the 6th that, "The people who are associated with the people in this case are causing a lot of misunderstandings. Throuhg these people, many rumors and slanders are coming out through the media and is distorting the case. A lot of unidentified associates are giving their opinions to the media regarding the case, but they all have a sliver of doubt in them." Sejong also stated, "An associate is only an associate, they are not TVXQ. There are no conflicts between the members. The members were extremely annoyed and displeased by these rumors."

It has been found out that the three members, through Sejong, have put a 'gag law' on their friends. They have all changed their phone numbers and have said they will not be releasing any more information for the time being. These decisions seemed to have been made because of the 'slip of the tongue' of their 'associates'.

The final straw to the members putting a 'gag law' on their friends and acquaintances was the rumors that there was conflict between the members. The three have continuously stated that there are no troubles in the members' relationships with each other. The only reason the rumor that there was a rift between the three members and the other two got out was because of these 'associates'. There was a rumor that after the concert in Thailand, the team split into two groups of '3:2' and acted separately. But this rumor was deemed false. Even when TVXQ left for Japan on the 5th for an event on the 6th, they traveled in one van as usual.

The rumor that the three members filed this lawsuit without telling the other two about it is also false. This time, 'associates' of the two who did not participate appeared. The 'associates' claimed that the three were filing this lawsuit for the cosmetic company and the other two were staying silent to stop a disbandment from happening. They even foretold the future an claimed that if the situation got worse, the two members would take the blame for this situation.

These are all claims that have not been confirmed and they may make the situation worse than it is right now. Sejong and SM have both stated that these 'associates' are unidentifiable. One representative said, "This process is a very sensitive process. The situation changes from moment to moment. The three members' decision to put a 'gag law' on their friends was unavoidable."

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P/s:That is why do not believe in any of the articles most of them are rubbish. Believe in DBSK and have faith in them :). Do not worry !

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