[NEWS] Evisu’s Sales Boom After U-Know Yunho Endorses

After Asia’s highest idol group TVXQ’s leader, Jung Yunho, became a model of Evisu, the T-shirt, that contains a kind of memory, was released and has since then, received a lot of response.

This T-shirt received this comments: Using Evisu and Hills logo together, as well as a picture that has the feel of U-Know Yunho dancing has brought out active-ness very and well and also has the image of active U-Know Yunho.

After the T-shirt, that has 2 colors, black and white and has both female and male style, has been released, the sales broke 5000 within 2 weeks. The daily record is also constantly jumping. The shops has also been constantly requesting for more pieces from the main company.

Source: [U-Know King]
Translations: thesexy-orange@tohosomnia

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  1. d'petals says:

    jincha sexy ah...
    yunho oppa, saranghae~

  2. Leyzell says:

    WOW!!! The power/influence of Yunnie! OH YEAH!!

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