[news] Filming begins on Heading to the Ground

Don’t call him U-Know Yunho anymore; the DBSK idol star wants to be known under his real name, Jung Yun-ho, as he takes on the lead role — and his acting debut — in the MBC soccer drama Heading to the Ground [맨땅에 헤딩].

The drama recently began shooting; its first filming day took place in Seoul’s Kangnam district in a scene that saw Jung Yun-ho chatting with his friend since middle school, played by Lee Yoon-ji.

Jung was reportedly very careful as he filmed, checking every one of his movements and lines of dialogue, and practicing in spare moments. He frequently conferred with producers to confirm that the details he’d prepared according to his image of the character were fitting in properly.

PD Park Sung-soo (Ruler of Your Own World) did praise his star for his preparation, saying, “Good job. When did you practice all that?”

Jung described filming as going comfortably, saying, “The atmosphere on the set is really great, enough to be surprising. …It’s a ton of fun expressing this character of Cha Bong-kun. The first shoot felt really good.” As the Bong-kun character is a talented soccer player, Jung also explained that he’s also got to keep in shape.

The plot draws a romantic love story between opposites: Bong-kun is passionate soccer player with a warm, positive personality who doesn’t have much in the way of worldly possessions. His love interest Hae-bin (Go Ara) has everything as the rich daughter of the team owner, who is determined to prove herself on her own merits. The two have a bickering relationship fueled by constant misunderstandings that (naturally!) turns romantic.

Heading to the Ground airs its first episode on September 9.

source: Today Korea, Mk.co.kr
Translations: dramabeans

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