[news] FT Island, Clashing Schedules

Fans are puzzled how FT Island can appear on two live programmes at the same time.

FT Island will be performing on both KBS Music Bank and Incheon Global City Festival on 7th August. The live broadcast of KBS Music Bank will start at 6.40pm while that of Incheon Global City Festival will start at 7.00pm.

It is almost impossible for the band to appear on both live programmes at similar time slots, however, Music Bank made it seem like it’s magic.

Their management company had an agreement with Music Bank’s personnel to have a pre-recording session for the band. Thereafter, they will make their way to Incheon for their next schedule. They also revealed that, most of the time, the band does not pre-record their performances unless it is a comeback or special stage. This time round, the band had to pre-record their performance because their busy schedule.

FT Island is much busier than before. They are making use of their spare time at waiting rooms to do magazine photoshoots and interviews.

Their new album is selling well and their title track “Barae” remains at top positions in various digital music charts.

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Credit: Newsen + ying1005 @ primanoona (translation)

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    congratulation FT island..just don't overowkr yourself!

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