[news] T-ara: Hyomin's 'Plastic Surgery Controvery', Mnet: "Photo Capture Misunderstanding"

Idol group T-ara's member Hyomin (21, real name Park Sunyoung) has gotten into a plastic surgery controversy due to some pictures. Some netizens took screen shots of roles Hyomin played in the past and said, "Her face is so different from now," sparking a controversy.

It started when a title was posted on various portal sites called "T-ara's Hyomin's pre-plastic surgery look." It was posted with a picture from 2005 KBS's Drama Sassy Girl Chunhyang. Netizens posted "this is Hyomins real face" "shocking pictures of the real Hyomin" and other provoking titles and then compared with her recent photos from her blog.

The internet-ulzzang-born Hyomin's kindergarten graduation picture has also been revealed recently, showing her "natural beauty" causing an increase in the battle from fans about the plastic surgery issue.

Various posts like "her current image and her drama image are way too different. Didn't they alter it too much." versus "Seeing her kindergarten pictures you can see she was originally a beauty." have been lingering about.

Mnet said, "Hyomin debuted in middle school as an internet ulzzang, so these pictures that are becoming a controversy are from middle school. Those captures aren't real, which have caused misunderstanding," clearing up the suspicions

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