[news] Kim Hee-chul and Park Su-jin cast in new drama

Kim Hee-chul andPark Su-jin have been cast as a couple for the upcoming SBS weekend drama, “Loving You A Thousand Times”.

Unfortunately Kim Hee-chul wasn’t cast as one of the main characters in the drama but you probably don’t care much for the main characters Lee Soo-kyung, Ryu Jin or Jung Gyeo-woon anyways, right? ”Loving You A Thousand Times”, will be the follow up drama for the currently broadcasting, “Can Anyone Love?”. The story line of the upcoming drama is about an infertile married couple who attempt to create a child by finding an egg donor but end up cheating on each other. The story of an infertile couple finding an egg donor seems like an untouched topic but of course the cheating and finding new love story, is pretty much the same.

Kim Hee-chul’s appearance in “Loving You A Thousand Times” will be his first comeback to the small screen in one year, since starring in the drama, “Golden Bride”. In the upcoming drama, Kim Hee-chul will play the role of Lee Bae-dal, who works as the delivery boy for a small restaurant, despite having studied abroad.

Park Su-jin will play the role of Oh Nan-jeong, a materialistic girl who dreams of becoming a diligent house wife and pursues a one-sided love for Kang Hyun, the son of the president of a large company. Despite her one-sided love for Kang Hyun, she eventually falls in love with Lee Bae-dal, who has consistently been pursuing her heart.

Apparently Kim Hee-chul and Park Su-jin have been cast for their parts due to their comical and outgoing personalities. It’s understandable that Kim Hee-chul is a bit funny and outgoing but wasn’t Park Su-jin always a bit quiet and air-headed?

“Loving You A Thousand Times” starring Ryu Jin, Lee Soo-kyung, Jung Gyeo-woon, Lee Si-young, Park Su-jin and Kim Hee-chul will broadcast this coming August 29th.


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