[NEWS] G-Dragon & Girls Generation = Plagiarism Remarks?

Included in GDragon’s new solo album, “Heartbraker,” is the song “The Leaders.” This song is known to many for the famous featuring of CL and Teddy.

However, looks like this song is the next up in the netizens’ debate for plagiarism.

Many of you hardcore GDragon fans may have already heard the song “The Leaders” many times. Those of you then must know the famous part where GDragon makes a reference to the Girls Generations song “Gee.” For those you haven’t the part goes something like “GGGG G baby baby GD GD baby baby.” Many netizens are making a fuss about how the lyrics and the rhythm is an exact copy of Girls Generations “Gee.”

Here the fight between the netizens:

Netizen #1 : GDragon is copying the lyrics and the rhythm to the Girls Generation’s song “Gee.” Also, before he had even been spotted for plagiarizing other songs too (Heartbreaker).
Netizen #2 : Why would GDragon be copying a popular song like “Gee?” GDragon is dissing Girls Generation during that part of the song by using a similar “Gee” rhythm to show off his confidence.
Netizen #3 : GDragon is just making a reference to “Gee” so its not a big deal.
Many netizens are keeping the thoughts that GDragon had been accused of plagiarism before that leads them to think that perhaps GDragon would have copied Girls Generation.

BP_824: "i think its really stupid netizens are saying this again... it just so happens kwon jiyoung's stage name starts with the letter "G" ... i dont think teddy and the guys plagiarized at all... netizens just dont have a life... every freakin song that gets released gets a note from netizens that its plagiarizing some song somewhere! grrr.... this should stop THIS SHOULD STOP NOW!!!

Source: Sookyeong

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  1. Anonymous says:

    what da hell w people there?
    just G part dt similar to gee song?whats d big deal?
    come on la..snsd should be grateful g dragon include dt part not da opposite..
    many singers had do dat kind of thing, i mean include other singer part in their song around da world!!
    make up ur mind guys!!we're in 21st century, ok?!!

  2. lightchoc says:

    booo to everyone who think gd plagiarized!
    they're jealous with gd!

  3. Anonymous says:

    GD plagiarizes!!!

    he's so overrated!

  4. Anonymous says:

    wow.. the netizens are soo stupid its G not Gee can you tell the difference -___-

  5. Anonymous says:

    Whats the difference in pronouncing G and Gee -.-

  6. Anonymous says:

    so what????? the leaders is better than gee

  7. Anonymous says:

    Pronouncing G and GEE is the same but the spelling makes all the difference, its like the word "eye" and "I" obviously their both referring to differnt things ppl! You haters are just looking into it too much. GD's name starts with the letter G and thats what he's referring to, NOT SNSD's song.

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    snsd,original! i love snsd!

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