[news] GDragon sells 100K album copies for ‘Heartbreaker’

GDragon of Big Bang has been moving up fast on offline music album sales.

A YG Entertainment representative said on 25th August, “GDragon’s first solo album was released offline later than planned on 21st August. And the album sales as of until 24th is 100K.”

“Currently we are still receiving orders for GDragon’s first solo album. We have ordered for another 200K copies to be manufactured at the factory.”

And on Hanteo chart GDragon’s first album has sold over 40K copies, and is the #1 album sales for the week of 18th August till 24th August.

The reason to why the sales volume reported by Hanteo and YG Entertainment is different is that their methods of computing the album sales are different – Hanteo measures nationwide album sales while the entertainment company measures output volume.

Another reason for the difference is because Hanteo only counts online album sales(ie. legal downloads + copies ordered through online stores) and only from certain companies. It doesn't count the copies that people go out and physically purchase on their own.


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    G Dragon ur the BEST...!!

    love all your music

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    G dragon fighting

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