[NEWS] ‘Heading To The Ground’ Jung Yunho, Shows His Passion For Acting Barefoot

Pulling a snack stall barefoot!

Jung Yunho, who plays Cha Bong-goon in MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Heading to the Ground’ (Script by Kim Solji, Kim Yaeri, Directed by Park Sungsoo), was seen pulling a snack stall in the rain barefoot and has been gaining a lot of attention for this.

He has already garnered a lot of attention for being cast in his first drama as TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, but then gained more attention from the media when U-Know Yunho decided to work under his real name, Jung Yunho, for the drama.

In the still cut that was revealed, there are no traces of the U-Know Yunho everyone is used to with his charismatic stage presence. The sight of him completely drenched in rain makes him look exactly like a pitiful snack stall owner. In ‘Heading to the Ground’, Jung Yunho plays Cha Bong-goon, a youth with the spirit of a wild horse who has amazing shooting skills but suffers because of his rash personality, and holds onto life like a weed while overcoming near-death experiences multiple times. Because of this, Bong-goon walks the path of hardships and those everything from working part-time at a fried chicken store to running his own chicken skewer snack stall. He also give Haebin (Ara) his sneakers when her heel on her shoe breaks resulting in him running through the rain barefoot.

Jung Yunho, who has already worn a thick chicken suit in the middle of summer, has also had to pull a snack stall barefoot while evading the police. Even though the shooting was physically demanding, he never lost his smile and made everyone laugh on set. Although his feet were swollen from the continuous soccer practice he went through for the past couple of days, he had to run on the road barefoot and he did not complain about it. It seems as though this suffering of his feet is going to continue for a while.

PD Park Sungsoo who is directing this drama said, “If it weren’t for the fans who come to visit him, I wouldn’t have guessed that this was TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho. I didn’t know he’d work this hard,” and praised Jung Yunho very highly.

Source: [bnt news+DNBN]
Translations: jeeelim5@tohosomnia

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i thought i saw joo jihoon >"<

  2. d'petals says:

    oppa fighting!!!
    idols doesnt make him 4get his responsibility..
    he hve work his hardest, hope evryone can support him.
    ths would meant alot 2 oppa n cassi...
    oppa jjang!!! saranghae!!!

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