[News] The Invasion of the The Wonder Girls in America?

Part 1

Have you been to a Jonas Brother’s concert recently? If you have there’s a chance you seen these girls. The five girls with catchy tunes and just as catchy dances to match them. The Wonder Girls and they want ‘nobody, nobody, but you’ America.

Is America ready for the Wonder Girls? If you ask many American Wonderfuls, the name fans of the Wonder Girls are given, no, and the girls appeared to be, by no means, ready for America either. One of the main questions surprisingly being will their vocals be up to par? Many American Wonderfuls expressed great doubt over their vocal prowess for the American market.

Wonderfuls also expressed confusion on what market exactly these girls were going to be trying to be successful in. Catchy songs and dances may work well in South Korea but for the American market it may seem a bit odd. Also with fan clips uploaded of Sohee, who is currently 17, dancing to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ at a Korean fan meeting their confusion was well placed. Were they going to an older or younger audience here in America?

To many fans displeasure these girls are being marketed right where their catchy music will fit in the most; tweens. They’re being marketed heavily to the Disney crowd which boasts big names like the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato.

Why are their American fans disappointed? The American Wonderfuls that liked the girls while they were in South Korea tend to be outside the Disney age group or simply are not that interested in the stars Disney showcases. Even with this disappointment for many Wonderfuls they remain faithful and diligent in wanting and helping their group to succeed state-side.

Part 2

The five girls: Yubin (20), Sohee (17), Mimi (17), Sun (leader, 20), and Yenny (20) have already started causing some ripples here in the US. They currently tour with mega-tween stars the Jonas Brothers on the Jonas North American leg of their tour and have been promoted on celebrity gossip site perezhilton.com as an artist he loves. Radio Disney also held their weekly pick it or kick it music bag portion of their broadcast for the song ‘Nobody’, the girls debut US single, and the song got the favor of the Radio Disney crowd.

The girls have also taken to the online scene heavily and have connected with fans here in the States. Each girl has her own Twitter, the Wonder Girls also have a Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, and they also connect with fans at Ningin.

They’re working on making an impact. On top of the Jonas tour and the online scene these girls are now also showing up on televised programs and the Itunes charts.

The Wonder Girls have appeared on the talk show Wendy Williams and if you visit their Facebook you can see them promoting themselves for their walking of the red carpet at the ‘Teen Choice Awards’. If you venture to their Youtube you can find random clips of them listening to their song on the radio, teaching groups of fans to dance to ‘Nobody’, and fellow stars such as Jordan Sparks and Honor Society also dancing to ‘Nobody’ as well. It’s not a huge wave but no one said success would happen over night especially with America’s glaring lack of Asian acts in music that are taken seriously and are currently mainstream.

With these ripples set in motion we may see this Korean pop group gain some kind of success. While many remain doubtful if they are going to be big hits in the USA, a few are starting to see them as an artist that may help push the door open to see an Asian artist top the Billboard Charts. At the end of the day that is an accomplishment in itself.

[Source: Wednesday Parker @ associatedcontent.com]

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