[News] Lee Hyori “4th album breaks all the stereotypes”,

Lee Hyori is coming back in October to the music stage with her 4th album.

Lee Hyori’s management company Mnet Media, Manager Lee stated “Lee Hyori has set her new album for October as her goal, she is preparing it diligently. The songs that will be included in the album are all out, but because of the recent CF filming, the recording work has been slowed down, once they are all done she will start to record again”. “Lee Hyori’s 4th album is going to break the audience’s stereotypes”.
Manager Lee is cautious with his words when talking about Lee Hyori’s new album’s concept and music style.
“For now it’s difficult to say, they are overall working on it. The staff who worked on the 3rd album is also participating in this one, at the same time giving an opportunity to rookies with true abilities. Everybody consider themselves able to assist Lee Hyori’s change.”

Lee Hyori for her 4th album is doing thousand of preparations, like when she was preparing her 3rd album, she would discuss of every details of the album with the producer. This time for the 4th album, she is 100% into it.
However Lee Hyori is aslo burdened. The 3rd album received favorable criticism and the audience’s expectations are more and more picky, she hopes to make an album that is worth to collect. Lee Hyori herself is working hard on creating a new trend, she is passionated and focused on the preparations of the album.

About the 4th album, Lee Hyori isn’t only emphasizing on the melody but also on the meaning of the lyrics, she hopes to convey her personal thoughts through the lyrics. Thus in this album a lots of lyrics are written by herself.

T/N: Keep in mind that October is only a tentative date. Lee Hyori said herself in her previous message that her comeback is rather for the beginning of next year than this Fall…

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