[news] IU becomes a regular guest on KTR

Part of the new generation in the music industry, IU was chosen as a regular guest on KBS 2FM(89.1MHz) Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio program, and will meet the audience every Thursday. SJ Kiss the Radio’s Thursday program “live request” is a program started by request from an audience member. Regular guests will perform songs requested by the audience live during this program. IU will use her solid live-singing skill as foundation and exert her unique charms to sing sweet, beautiful songs for the audience.

As a regular guest, the first event IU attended was KTR’s public broadcast, “Hahaha festival,” and performed MC Mong’s “Letter to You” with DJ Eunhyuk in perfect cooperation. During a round of conversation on broadcast with Eunhyuk and Leeteuk when she was asked who she would choose for a real brother, IU chose Eunhyuk, then explained, “I like brothers who can fight. I don’t know why, but Eunhyuk looks as if he is very good at fighting.” Her unique reasoning made Eunhyuk and Leeteuk laugh as well.

Upon hearing of her selection as the first regular guest of the show, IU expressed, “I was truly happy to hear that I will be experiencing the charms of the broadcasing media. As the regular guest of SJ sunbaenims’ program, I look forward to participating in activities with them in the future. I will work hard to not be a burden to the program.”

IU and Eunhyuk’s special recording in “Hahaha festival” will be broadcasted on the 15th at 10 pm on KBS 2FM(89.1MHz) and can also be viewed in the “Bora” section of the KTR homepage.

source: mydaily, nanazhou@sjbluecn
translated to English by: bonbon58@sj-world.net

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