[NEWS] KARA in Japan soon!

Group KARA will be advancing into the Japanese market end of this year.

KARA, who recently released their 2nd album ‘Revolution’ promoting the double title song ‘Wanna’ and ‘Mister’, will be doing their Japanese promotions this year end.

One of the persons-in-charge revealed, “There has been much discussion about KARA going into the Japanese market since the beginning of this year. There was also speculations about KARA working with one major Japanese entertainment company. The girls will be making a visit and doing promotions the 2nd half of the year.”

There were also speculations from music experts in the industry talking about KARA having the highest chances of success amongst the girlgroups in Korea to promote in Japan. This is because they are have a cute image which goes with what the other Japanese girlgroups’ images. Already the girls have a certain level of popularity in Japan, and a famous Japanese DJ who is their fan has also interviewed them during his visit to Korea recently.

Meanwhile the girls are getting 4-5 proposals for CF in less than a month after their comeback.

Credits:K Bites

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Nice says:

    ^WHAT THE HECK!!!???

    Are you crazy??? KARA will take Japan by storm because their concept fit there very well...you seem to not know anything at all because KARA already has a big fanbase in Japan. Hara is the ideal Japanese type FYI and Japan has a different taste.

    And if ever you're a fan of any other KPOP girl group, they have a very small chance to be successful in Japan unlike KARA.

    KARA Fighting!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I'm so proud of my girls!!!

    I've been their fan since debut back in 2007 and it really makes me happy that they are getting the popularity that they deserve.

    KARA jjang!!!

  4. YusriAzri says:

    i always support you..

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