[News] Kara Nicole’s thought on the butt dance, “To be honest, I was surprised to hear the word ‘sexy’”

Kara’s Nicole reveals her thoughts on the hot issue, ‘butt dance’.

In the afternoon of August 7th, during the meeting with the reporter at the studio of ‘Music Bank’, Nicole laughed off about the butt dance, which has captured enormous amount of attention, and commented on it, “I was worried, but I appreciate people for paying us attention and supporting us”.

Performance for ‘Mister’, which is a track included in Kara’s newly released second official album, caught netizens’ attention with the ‘butt dance’, which involves the movement of shaking butt. Nicole, who was at the centre of the performance, especially captured male fans’ eyes with flexible body and sleek figure.

Nicole confessed “We haven’t practiced it like we did for the title track ‘Wanna,’” however, continued “but we, all five members of us, practiced the butt dance with all our effort.”

Also “I was surprised that the netizens called me ‘sexy’ to be honest. It’s because I have no confidence in my appearance” and “I was really nervous but I’m comfortable now as we’re getting positive feedback.”

Furthermore, she added “‘Wanna’ was our title track, so we didn’t really expect to receive so much attention with ‘Mister’,” yet said, “I’m happy that both songs received popularity. As double-hit is not an easy thing to achieve.”

Original Source: Newsen
Translated by: cactus @ karaholic.com

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