[news] KARA talks about their feelings about new image and album, Our first attempt at being sexy, thank you,

"Our first attempt at being sexy, thank you for liking it!"

5 member girl group KARA revealed how they felt about their new image and album.

Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Jung Nicole, Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung revealed their album last July 30. It took 2 years and 4 months for them to release their second full length album, the first full length one being their debut CD , released on March of 2007.

Of course between these months, KARA released mini-albums which produced hits like , , and , propelling them into popularity. Besides the fact that more songs are included in full-length albums, the members took more time and effort in showing a new side to their fans, due to the fact that they have waited long for this second album.

After the release of their album, KARA members performed their comeback stages with their title track and . Their performances for included the 'Butt Dance' which became a hot topic amongst fans. This became such because of the fact that it was the first time they saw the girls veer away from their usually cute and bubbly image to a more stronger and sexier concept.

KARA expressed their feelings about their second album in an interview saying "Because it has been a long while since we last released a full length album, we were especially more meticulous with it." They added "Unlike before the over all feel of the album is a bit more sexier, so we were curious as to what the reaction of the fans will be." "But luckily, they saw it as a part of growing up and accepted it as a natural thing", they said with a laugh.

Although KARA members were able to show their toned stomachs during their 2007 debut, it was through that they were able to do so for the first time as a 5 member group. They explain "At first we felt very awkward, but because were happy to be able to show another charm to us, we took the stage with confidence."

Because of the fact that fans endeared their original cute and comfortable image, and had also embraced their sexier concept, it was obvious in the interview that they gained a new level of confidence.

KARA admits "Our strong point is that we have a very comfortable and girl-next door image. But seeing that fans also like this somewhat different concept, we are very thankful."

They expressed their gratitude to the fans "When they saw us dancing to , their initial reaction was 'When did KARA start to have a sexy image?' but luckily, after some time, they realized that it just a part of change which is natural."

All of the members of KARA exercised and went on a diet for the promotions of the album, so they say that they will continue to show their hard-working nature to the fans.

source: STAR MT LINK
translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic

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