[NEWS&VIDEOS] KARA's Nicole is surprised with rising popularity of the "Butt Dance"!

KARA's Nicole lost a lot of weight for this comeback, and she's been pleasantly surprised with all the positive feedback.

In a recent meeting with a Newsen reporter, a giggly Nicole spoke about their butt dance, "I was really worried about it, but people have been giving us very positive feedback."

Who in their right minds wouldn't be accepting of it? I love it! Anyway, KARA has been a big topic with their 2nd album 'Revolution' comeback and track "Mister," but more importantly their "butt dance."

Nicole also stated:

"To be honest, we didn't practice as much for 'Mister' as we did for our title song 'Wanna'. However, all 5 members did practice the 'butt dance', a lot!"

In addition, Nicole said:
"After I lost weight, a lot of people around me have been complimenting me that I've gotten prettier. Even Netizens have been saying that I 'look sexy', which has all been a huge surprise. I've never been confident about my looks, which is why I've been surprised with the feedback. But because the feedback has not been negative, it has eased my mind a lot."

Finally, a still giggly Nicole stated, "Since 'Wanna' was our title song, I didn't expect 'Mister' to be so popular. I'm so happy that both of our songs have been popular, because it's really difficult to have a double hit."


Below are all the "Butt Dance" videos i can find...See which one do you like the most!!

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