[news] Kim Hyun-joong has his eyes on CL

I sure wouldn’t mind having Kim Hyun-joong watching my every move!

On the August 7th episode of MBC’s “Section TV”, Kim Hyun-joong confessed that he’s been closely watching 2NE1’s CL. During his interview on “Section TV”, Kim Hyun-joong was asked by the reporter, “among all the girl groups out there, is there any one member you’ve had your eyes set on?”. Kim Hyung Joong didn’t hesitate from replying that it was CL he’s been watching and leaving her a short video message stating,

"CL of 2NE1. I have yet to CL in person…Although i’m a few years your senior, I hope you will carry out a great career as a singer. Thank you for being a junior that provokes me (to do better)."

Is that really all he’s been watching CL for?!

check out the interview:


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  1. Anonymous says:

    O_O lol.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hahaha...O.O shocking

  3. Anonymous says:

    i guess he probably left CL a video message stating not as a man, but as a her senior. that's why he didn't hesitate from replying that way at all. :)
    if i were CL, it'd be great to hear that comment from KHJ.
    " thanks for being a junior that provokes me to do better. " :D

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