[news] Lee Hyori admires Will Pan's talent in singing and dancing; Crosses borders to invite him to a duet

Will Pan has been having Korean luck lately. South Korea's diva, Lee Hyori admires Pan's ability to sing and dance, and likes his album style in <007>. Through her agency, she invited Pan to a duet. Pan, after receiving the invitation, immediately said, "Good taste!" This duet contains a mix of Chinese, Korean, and English. In addition, Pan wrote the English rap himself. The MV took six days to film and it was filmed in both Seoul and Shanghai. During the filming, the temperature even reached a peak of 45 degrees Celsius as well as a total eclipse. Succeeding these two events, staff members all believe that this MV will definitely be, "a hit!"

International sense; No second candidate

South Korea's diva Lee Hyori is working hard to venture into the Chinese market. Her agency believes that there is no second candidate to match Pan's ability to compose, sing, dance, on top of his language ability and being an all-round artist with an international sense. They immediately proposed a project to cross national borders. Pan, like a gentleman, flew to Korea to accept the invitation after learning Lee's "intent" to collaborate, and expressed that he is willing to help Lee to expand into the Chinese market. Lee was very touched by the response.

The first time they met, Pan complemented Lee being very pretty and had very good skin. He described, "Such delicate skin that may break with one touch." Glowing with health and beauty, Lee complimented Pan as being a top-notch artist of the Chinese music industry and replied, "I love watching you dance." The two of them used English to chat, and at the end, Pan used some of the Korean he learned previously to talk to Lee, making Lee giggle. The two of them became friends immediately.

Chatting about music and career; became good friends

Pan praised Lee and expressed, "Once we have some spare time, we would begin to chat about music and our careers very naturally. She is a very professional and serious artist. I admire her a lot!" From their appearance to music sense, on top of their seriousness while practicing their dance, the staff members of both sides commented, "They match each other very well."

Smooth collaboration right from the start

Even in the kissing scene for the MV, Pan and Lee were very professional. They completed the shot in two to three takes. According to sources, the director of this MV, Che En Ze, is very well known and has filmed other Korean artists' MVs such as for Lee Hyori and Boa, and has filmed more than a hundred CFs. He is a strict director who also relies on feeling on the set, thus, he insisted on doing the kissing scene for real and not use any angle tricks.

Pan and Lee were able to perform what the director wanted very quickly. Lee couldn't help her laughter in one of the takes, but it was because when she asked why Pan's hand was hurt, he replied, "It's because I'm a hooligan. I got blackmailed after a fight." His reply made Lee laugh hard where she almost couldn't stand straight. When asked about how the kiss felt, both replied, "It's just work!" But they admitted that it felt romantic nonetheless.

Crossing national borders to sing duets has been a grand event for South Korea

Pan and Lee's collaboration has become a grand event in South Korea. In addition, this duet has also become a commercial song for an automobile company. From planning to proceeding with the project, it has been viewed as top secret. The news broke out when the large crew of ten arrived to Shanghai to film the MV.

New album selling well in the Chinese market

Pan's new album, <007>, has been selling well in the Chinese market. It is also the best selling record of 2009 thus far in China. Just from download sales, it has already reaped 15 million RMB, crowning Pan as the king of Chinese music. Furthermore, Pan has also been having Korean luck. He has already made three trips to South Korea and one more to go for postproduction. He states, "Regardless of what kind of work it is, I will always do my best!"

credits: Source : epochtimes

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