[News] New TV Show Program?? Lead by : SJ Shindong, SS501 Kim Hyung Joon, 2AM Jo Kwon, FTTS Brian


No official news yet, but a few people have confirmed it…

hello- i’m scriptwriter choi yeonjoo.
the details for the new sbs variety show on saving the environment are as follow;
program: variety show on environment (name undecided)
time: monday-friday 6pm (50 mins)
MC: 2AM Jo Kwon, Fly to the sky Brian, SS501Hyungjoon, Super Junior Shindong
broadcast details: to look for the main reason why energy is wasted, together with the MCs we will look at how to save energy and put it into practice and turning your house into a product to convey the message of saving the environment.

And it seems Brian Joo <3 has confirmed it also on his myspace account…

source: SBS, brianjoomusic
translated by: carolyn @ sj-world.net

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    i'm curious..

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