[news] Nichkhun "Worried about not gaining any weight"

2PM member, Nichkhun had a smile that could brighten everything around up. Having him sitting right in front of them with sweet smile, people couldn’t help but to act gleefully along with him.
Easily to notice because of his distinctly height and soft appearance. Khun is Thai-American who was born of father and chinese mother, he said “I was walking on the street in the U.S. and unintentionally got into the casting” Although he still couldn’t pronounce our language correctly, he got me surprised to hear him say difficult words.

What kind of person is Nichkhun?
“2PM’s entertainer. Because of my optimistic personality so I try to smile broadly frequently and it seems like I’m a buffer zone between members too.”

How did you become a singer?
“I was walking on the street and unexpectedly got cast in an entertainment agency. I did both performance and acting but nothing was good so I received much maltreatment. I couldn’t dance neither could act. (laughs) The memory of not wanting to take anymore harsh words so, having my teeth clinched, I practiced dancing and singing alone at night is still vivid in my memory. Then I moved to JYP”

Between an actor and a singer, which one is Nichkhun suitable for?
“Probably an actor. But I’m a member of 2PM and working as singer. I’m trying to be born again as more respectable singer.”

I think that my charm is…
“Whatever I do, I do it hard. I won’t be frustrated after receiving wounds and will bravely stand up. What do you call that thing? Right, a tumbling doll.”

Well then weak point?
“Similar to Wooyoung. I often get too serious and I’m a type of keeping my worries to myself only”

What do you do at 2 P.M?
“Working on variety shows. Haha”

How to take care of your body?
“Unlike the other members, because I won’t get fat so I’m trying to put on some weight. I even make an effort to eat much and rest well.”

Credit: Kor-Eng by Muize@2pm-online.com, SOURCE: Chosun

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