[news] Lee Hongki, “We’re Surprised To See Many New Groups”

FT Island’s vocal, Lee Hongki, expressed his thoughts on their comeback.

Lee Hongki met up with Newsen reporter at the recording site of KBS Music Bank on 31st July, “We’re surprised to see many new groups this time during our comeback.”

He continued, “We were the youngest group performing then during our previous album promotions. When we greeted others as usual in the waiting room, at the same time, there were many juniors who greeted us with 90 degrees bow.”

Lee Hongki also mentioned that, “Initially, we thought it would be good that there weren’t many male groups doing their promotions right now as compared to female groups. But in reality, it was difficult.”

FT Island is now busy with their promotion schedules. Lee Hongki also expressed his thanks to the fans, “The good response this time was beyond our expectations and we’re really thankful.”

Credits: Newsen + ying1005 @ primanoona

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