[pictures] 090802 2NE1 me2day updates!

CL: 아빠랑^▽^

Translation: with Dad…^▽^

Dara: 안녕하세요! 다라리포타입니다! ^^우리는 방금 드라이리허설을 끝내고 대기실로 돌아왔습니다! 오늘은우리 신나게 놀아보는거에요! 앗..내 티샤츠 귀엽죠?^.^

Translation: Hello! I’m reporter,Dara! ^^We have finish our rehearsal for today and returned to waiting room! Today we had a little fun! Oh..my t-shirt is cute huh? ^.^

credits: ygnxgeneration

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