[news] Popularity beyond genders, there’s one fan boy in every 2-3 fan girls

7 males group 2PM will have a special meeting with teenagers
Breaking the existing image of idol as a character in girls' comics, 2PM rocks nuna fans’ hearts with ‘Beasts Idols’ charm now they now try to capture teen fans’ ones.

2PM members will turn themselves into guides and take young boys and girls on tour at JYP center for their vacation season on this coming 11.
There’ll be 10 lucky persons who will be able to attend this special meeting. The activity is a joint program of JYP entertainment and Inet School. Without any particular publicity, this has received numerous responses from teenagers.

Contrary to the expectation of schoolgirls’ overwhelming responses, 1 out of 2.3 schoolgirls is a schoolboy, which means the popularity of 2PM has increased beyond genders.
Lucky winners will get a chance to tour around JYP center under the guidance of 2PM and to learn dancing and singing directly from the members. There’ll also be times for an audition simulation and a talk with members.

2PM made a debut with ’10 out of 10’ last year and came back with 2 big hits; Again and again, I hate you. Now they’re rising in another path of this industry; variety shows, MCs and DJs.
Their huge popularity is not only in Korea but also overseas such as Thailand etc., they’re now sailing for best male idol group.

Credit: Kor-Eng by Muize@2pm-online.com, SOURCE: Newsen

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