[news] Kara’s Maknae Kang Jiyoung loses 5kg, “I just entered High School but I feel like an adult already”

Kara’s Maknae ‘Kang Goding (high schooler)’ Kang Jiyoung revealed her secret diet routine.

Along with the other members of Kara, Kang Jiyoung has successfully lost 5kg before the comeback. Fans are praising her as well about the new appearance, saying “she’s got so much prettier” and “she’s become so mature” as her looks changed from the start of the year. Kang Jiyoung used to appeal to the public with her chubby cuteness but now changed to a belle with great figure. She was already tall, but as she is growing even taller as she is still young, entering high school just this year.

Kang Jiyoung just couldn’t take her hands off the corns at the ‘Music Bank’ on the 31st of July as corns are one of the most effective dietary foods. Even throughout the interview she’s asked “Can I eat corns while we’re interviewing?” in her trademark muttering tone.

She said “I’ve lost around 5kg from before” and “I think I’ve reached my limit though as I can’t lose anymore”.

She continued, “I’ve heard a lot of people saying I’ve matured” and “Whenever I hear that, I feel like an adult already even though I’ve just entered high school”.

On the controversial Music Video, where she had to make a muttering confession, she commented “I only got told that I was the main character the very night before the filming” and “There was no written script for it. They only told me to act out ‘the nervous feeling of expressing the crush the character has on her senior’“.

She further said “While I was acting, I was thinking of one of the Coffee commercials similar to this. It was awkward but I tried my best to act nervous” and smiling, “I tried to speak clearly, but when I watched the Music Video, I was muttering. It was embarrassing”.

Also, Kara are on a roll with their double-hit, title track ‘Wanna’ and ‘Mister’ after their come-back on the 31st of July. They hope to continue their success and re-ignite the popularity they gained at the start of the year.

Original Source: Newsen Via Yahoo
Translated by: cactus @ karaholic.com

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