[News] The Reason Why KBS said to 4minute: “I won’t give you” the song

According to this previous article,

4minute’s album “For Muzik” has already been released leaked. Unfortunately, looks as if the 7 songs in the album would have to be cut down to 6 songs… well according to KBS.

4minute was looking forward to the 31st because they would be releasing the first mini album, “For Muzik.” However, the second song 4minute was looking forward to work with after the title song “MUZIK”, “I won’t give” … but it looks as if they won’t even get the chance at all. Why you ask? All because this song had been badly rated by the KBS officials due to its lyrics. The lyrics include : “From today I won’t give you me / Once again I won’t give you my whole heart / Now I won’t give you” and the words “I won’t give” continues throughout the song.

The officials had said, “These lyrics can lead to sexual meanings and connotations,” and added “and because it can lead to those cases we decided to disband the song.” 4minute’s entertainment clearly stated that the lyrics to the songs portrays a naive image of a girl expressing her sad feelings toward the boy friend. And also stated, “we are sad that this kind of ratings had resulted.” Another official in the music business had stated, “There are many songs in the industry that have these meaning and those songs haven’t been disbanded. This doesn’t make sense.”

The entertainment is thinking of an appropriate decision to make. They have stated that “The album would still be released on the 31st and since the song ‘I won’t give’ isn’t the title song, nothing should greatly impact their activities.” They are still deciding on if they should change the lyrics to the song.

It's really nonsense....

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