[News] Shindong’s Problem- Should He Lose Weight or Not?

Super Junior Shindong had expressed his problem about diet.

At 03.59AM, August 26th, Shindong wrote on his own minihompy that “I have a problem. Should I loose weight or not ?”

Shindong wrote “Are you curious if I loose weight, arent you ? Are you curious if I become a really skinny person, arent you ? It’s diet which will stop it as just imagination”, “Who did tell me….ways to loose weight ? I know them all. But why I cant do if even though I know ? Why I cant do it ? It’s because I cant give up the happiness from eating”, “It’s one of the Five Blessings ! How can I give up the happiness from eating ! Now I’m currently eating raw ramen. After eating everything….Bobo is singing ! Late regret…..”

Shindong’s fans wrote on his minihompy “Oppa dont be stressed, just do as you like”, “I still like (it) however your body looks like ! please be healthy”, “Please dont loose weight. I love your current appearance”, “Bobo’s *, Oppa is jjang**“, “Now you look cute with this (body)”, object him to being on a diet

* Bobo is a singer and “Late regret” is one of her song….and yeah ^^ Shindong meant he regret after eating the raw ramen and his regret is late

** jjang mean the best

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translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
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My answer is NO.. haha...

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  1. QINYAN says:

    Hahas~ Stay happy and healthy is the best! ;D
    Yeah,don't be stressed and do whatever things you like! ;D

  2. Tash says:

    i love him the way he is, he is so damn adorable.
    he should do what he feels would make him the happiest =)
    (all tho i think his little chub is what makes him so damn cute)
    no matter how big or small he is i will still love him <3
    i hope he's not feeling pressured to fit in with the skinny crowd? those people are so overrated lol

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