[News] Leeteuk & Boom, cheerful duo in entertainment

Super Junior Leeteuk & Boom have become a famous entertainment duo.

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk has appeared as a singer, in radio as well as many entertainment shows. By showing his real image in broadcast, Leeteuk has resolutely changed people’s opinion that Idol groups have to keep their image.

But now there is Boom who can help him. With the nickname “ssantiana”, he has swept all the entertainment field with his natural disposition.

Leeteuk & Boom has been MCs for KBS “Song battle”, “Challenge golden ladder” as well as MBC “Introducing star’s friend – Survival meeting”. Leeteuk & Boom are “Idol & Ssanti”, although their images are contrary to each other, but they still are in harmony to bring me more fun to the shows. Boom’s ssanti and Leeteuk’s more and more adaption have made the two become “Best friend in illusion”.

The viewers said “Leeteuk & Boom seem to be more well-matched as time goes by”, “I can feel the effect of synergy when the two are together”, “I hope to see more of their funny image in the future”.

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Totally agree!!

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  1. M-ilkyy says:

    Hahas~ Love Eeteuk oppa and BOOM!! ;D
    They are all soo funny! ;D

  2. Anonymous says:

    hahaha, love them
    they're hilarous!

  3. d'petals says:

    yeah..they're funny..
    just watch star king where eeteuk n boom oppa in it...

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