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SORRY SORRY won’t be turned into a Chinese version
SJM Second Album – Release second album in September.
The attention-grabbing third album SORRY SORRY will not be turned into a Chinese version.
But in the second album there is a song with a style that’s very similar to SORRY SORRY.
Everyone please look forward to their second album ^^
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On September 13, 2009, SJ-M and SS501 will attend the 2009 KBS Concert held in Shenyang, China.
On the show, SJ-M will take on the role of the judges while SS501 will be a guest performer.

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  1. 振毅 says:

    Luckily. If they were to make Sorry Sorry into a Chinese version, it would not do that well as the original has already do very well in China already.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i agree...sry sry wont do well cuz it already exploded across asia

    mabe noreago?

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