[news] TVXQ vs. SM Entertainment Trial Begins

Three members of TVXQ – Hero Jae-jung, Xia Jun-su, and Micky Yu-cheon – want to part with their management agency SM Entertainment, but do not wish to break up the team. In a hearing held at the Seoul District Court late Friday morning the three members’ legal representative from the law firm Shin & Kim (also known as Sejong Law Firm) spoke about how the group’s contract is unfair and how the profit has not been distributed properly. SM Entertainment countered it by claiming that the agency incurred loss for four straight years while the members were in training and the profit payment was carried out fair and square.

During the hearing the lawyer said that the three members want to move to another agency, but also want to continue on their careers as TVXQ. The Shin & Kim lawyer cited another long-running K-pop group, Shinhwa, as an example of group members belonging to different agencies, yet working together.

The hearing reportedly went on with both sides fiercely arguing their positions. The court said that a mediation period can be set aside, if the two parties agreed, and recommended that the two parties settle the case to wrap up the proceeding quickly. Meanwhile, 120 thousand of TVXQ fans have filed a petition against SM Entertainment’s unfair long-term contract to the Seoul District Court on Thursday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Isnt is weird to be in different companies? Cause shinhwan is like get tgt after awhile and went bk solo. Then isnt dbsk will kp going solo and once a while bk tgt? But nevermind who cares as long as tvxq wins this case first! Dbsk hwaiting!

  2. d'petals says:

    i just hope tht DBSK will stay 2gether 4evr..
    if thy go on solo, i'll b really frustrated like hell~ it wont b d'same anymore!!!

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