[news] Sun-ye gets a piece of cake

A whole cake to be exact, from the Jonas Brothers, themselves!

The Jonas Brothers personally brought Sun-ye a cake for her 20th birthday. Are one of the Jonas Brothers trying to hit on Sun-ye?! Hey, it could happen. Earlier today, Sun-ye made a post on her Twitter stating,

The guys came to me and wished me a happy bday w/a gorgeous cake! Thank you to the Jonas Brothers for making my bday so special!!

It’s good to see that Sun-ye, as well as the rest of the Wondergirls members, seem to be adjusting well to the “American life”. Happy Belated Birthday Sun-ye! Hopefully the girl had a few drinks and relaxed, despite her busy schedule. (Yes. Yes. I know, she’s still not 21 in the states.)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    yay lucky sunye

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