[News] SUPER JUNIOR | how is the profit shared among the members ?, Donghae "We share the money with the members who earned

Recently, with the issue between DBSG members and SM about sharing the income, Super Junior's below story will bring a warm feeling to you.

On the show MBC Every1 "Now it's time of handsome guys" which was aired on August 11th, MC Park Myungsoo had asked Super Junior's members Donghae & Sungmin, who attended that epsidoe, about the profit sharing among SJ members.

Park Myungsoo said "Super Junior has 13 members, the member who has more activities will earn more, right ? So do you guys have any difficulty with it, and how do you do about it ?"

Super Junior Donghae said "Although money is quite a sensitive topic, but we share the money with the members who earn less" and "(so that) they can use in case of necessity" which brought a warm feeling to the filming studio. Park Myungsoo said "it's such a good example" and praise the strong friendship among Super Junior members.

Netizens also show good response toward this "It's such a good example about teamate" and "While (everybody) continue to care about money, I feel relieved (after knowing this)"

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  1. Anonymous says:

    awww. i love you donghae<3

  2. Leyzell says:

    WOW. nice . love suju!

  3. 振毅 says:

    Wow. Communism idea. Inspired by Hangeng?

  4. Liqin says:

    Yay Suju! :D I love them so much! :D

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