[News] KARA Jiyoung: I really like Nicole Unni, whom I can never fully understand

The star of KARA's comeback MV, youngest member Jiyoung confesses that she did not prepare at all for her role.

"Fortunately, the director guided me well so we we're able to finish it with good results. If there is one thing I regret.. I wanted to talk to the male actor in the MV, but I wasn't even able to get one word out. Haha!"

We asked what vacation means for high school student Jiyoung, to which she answered "Honestly, I don't really have a vacation. I was really excited about it.. But because our schedules are so packed, I'm not able to meet up with my friends from school. But because it has always been my dream to be a singer, I'm really happy that I can do this right now. Its fun, and I'm happy."

She immediately answered "Nicole Unni", when we asked her who the most dorky member was in real life. Jiyoung says "How Nicole Unni is on the variety shows on TV is really how she is like in real life. I've been living with her for more than a year now, but I still don't fully understand her. Its fun and I really like that she's that way. (Laughter)."

She has grown so much taller since her debut, and her face seems to have matured as well. Jiyoung says "My face slimmed down because the baby fats on my cheeks lessened, and something else that I can't explain changed about me? Something like that~"

We asked her a cute version of which became a hot issue because of the Butt Dance. Jiyoung sang her line "You're kind of alright-y~" (Originally: "You're kind of alright")

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translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic

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