[NEWS] T-ara's Difficulties Without Their Cellphone and The Internet!

It was recently reported that 6-member girl group T-ara has been banned from using their cellphones and the internet, because of this the girls say that this promise that they have to keep is extremely tough.

T-ara is supposed to focus on their daily routines and activities, and this is why their agency had resorted to banning them from these basic necessities.

Previously on the 12th, T-ara told Money Today and Star News that they 'Do not have cellphones, we don't go on the internet aymore either because we don't have time'.

When the girls were asked about getting on the internet and playing with their cellphones, leader Eunjeong said that 'I mean, its really difficult not to get on the internet, but since there's all the news and because we promised, we have to do it.' But in overall, she's added that 'It's a little inconvenient at first, but you realize that without those things, you get to think and focus on other things more.'

Meanwhile, T-ara is actively promoting their debut track 'Lies'.

Source: http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=20...link=2&SVEC
Written by: Lee Soohyun
Translated by: Elly@diadem

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