[News]2PM during the recording works for their new single album

Producer cum singer Park Jin Young is back in Korea, and he is working on group 2PM’s upcoming single album. He posted up photos of the recording session on his twitter account earlier today.

And he said in the first photo featuring members Nich Khun and WooYoung being punished on the floor by him in the recording room, “Back in Korea to record with 2pm. This dosen’t look good right?”. He then twittered again a new photo of him and the 2PM boys smiling together saying, “That’s was before da session and this is after da session.”

Netizens’ responses were” Punishment? Haha. Get back to work boys!”, “Haha! Awww what did they do?”, “awww so cool to see a 2pm+JYP picture! And Omg khun’s with a new haircut! Really looks like you guys are having fun!” etc.


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