[News]GDragon’s ‘ButterFly’ accused of plagiarism too

After accusations of plagiarism for GDragon’s first solo album title song ‘Heartbreaker’, new waves of plagiarism accusations surfaced for another song ‘ButterFly’ off the album.

The song is accused to have plagiarised off band Oasis’ ‘She’s Electric’. The song’s copyrights is known to have belonged to Sony.

Warner Korea said on 18th August, “Actually as compared to ‘Heartbreaker’ which was the problem earlier, we thought ‘ButterFly’ sounded more similar. The results for the level of similarities between the songs will be out tomorrow on 19th August and we will release our official stand about it.”

Also, after the whole ‘Heartbreaker’ album is revealed on 18th August at 1130am, now fans and related music medias are in concern if the title song ‘Heartbreaker’ really did plagiarised hip hop singer Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’.

Currently, YG Entertainment has not came out to talk about their stand about plagiarism accusations on the album.


Yawn, netizens have nothing better to do.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sigh, whats their problem?! GD ROX

  2. dont the netizens have a life??
    go n make ur life useful!! rather than accusing this n tht to a singer....

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