[news] UPDATED:New Big Bang TV; Includes Each Members’ Solo TV

Summary for the upcoming episodes will feature the following:

Seungri TV -> SHOUTING musical experiences

GD TV -> Heartbreaker promotions

Taeyang TV -> solo album making

TOP TV -> solo album making

Daesung TV -> road to recovery after accident

Description of Each TV:

SeungRi TV – He is not only the cute maknae anymore. Throwing out his fresh charm for his sexy charm, Big Bang’s youngest, SeungRi, who makes noona fans’ hearts of all over the country flutter! The growth period of SeungRi, who has passed from boyhood to manhood, will be revealed on SeungRi TV.

GD TV – Cool G-Dragon, the leader, who became a real musician! Don’t you wonder the story behind the work for his songs? Extraordinary GD’s 24 hours! His stylish lifestyle… All things are on GD TV.

TaeYang TV- On stage, nobody can imitate his super-charisma, but offstage, he is a smiling angel! If you want to be melted by TaeYang’s mini album, TaeYang’s abdominal muscles, and TaeYang’s smile, watch TaeYang TV right now.

TOP TV- Rapping, acting… Once he’s started something, he has to see it through to the end; he is the man of all men! Big Bang’s big brother, TOP! Don’t you wonder about His REAL 100% true colors hidden behind his handsomeness? Use your remote control to select the TOP TV, right now!

DaeSung TV – Who says he is ugly! Big Bang’s talented man! Humorous guy, DaeSung, full of his gifted showmanship and his talent! Who is the person whom DaeSung often talks to on the phone? His private life is revealed.

Translations: rudo & DAEnaya @ theREALiVIPSUBS

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  1. Anonymous says:

    woo.. i love them all!
    cant wait to watch their tv!

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