[NEWS & VIDEOS] KARA's ex member Sung Hee is back!

Kara's Former Member Kim Sunghee's Duet with a New Singer "Comeback? I have no plans for that yet"

News about Kara's former member Kim Sunghee (20) participating in new Singer gn.E (22)'s album with a duet has been unveiled.

New song which will be revealed on September 4th has African-styled percussion and harp creating a fantasy-like melody, which is new singer gn.E's unique style, combines with Kim Sunghee's powerful singing.

gn.E's agency said, "Kim Sunghee does not have plans to promote together, but will come along to fan meetings and showcases. However, she does not personally have plans to return as a singer. She has a close relationship with gn.E and thus is just guesting as a friend."

gn.E personally participated in the writing of the song and lyrics, and Sunghee also helped out with the lyrics, which really shows their passion for music.

Link: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=200908281010111002
Tip-off: Mae
Translated by: Tinggg@karaholic.com

I believe that many of you know that KARA used to be a 4 members girls groups.Sung Hee left the group two years ago due to personal inconvenience,so Hara and Ji Young joined.

If you haven't seen any performance of Sung Hee as a KARA's member,we have prepared some old videos for you..please enjoy!!

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